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Herbal Tea and Spices


Herbal Tea - The Queen of all Beverages

Herbal Teas - Described as the queen of all beverages and a favorite all over the world from time immemorial. Herbal Teas are undoubtedly the most popular & non-intoxicating drinks in the world. Naturally, it deserves to be promoted as the Health Drink. It is the need of time to popularize innovative Herbal T eas.

It is said that a cup of tea in winter can bring warmness and tea shared with friend can change the mood. While Herbal Teas not only prevent but also treat various disorders without any harmful effect.

Gokul International has introduced a variety of Herbal Teas that balances Health in natural way, according to India's Vedic System popularly known as " Ayurveda ". They all are Mild & Natural having many Medicinal properties. They can not only prevent but also treat various disorders with soothing & relaxing effect without any harm.

All GOKUL HERBAL TEAS are prepared from the world's most popular Indian herbs and spices. Our Herbal Teas are Natures Gift for people who wish to get the Protective Health Benefits of Indian Herbs & Spices in their daily life style.

These can be served either hot or ice cold, plain or with Milk/Lemon, with or without Sugar/Honey, as per your choice.

The Best Choice in Spices : Spices of India

Spices add taste, flavour, aroma and colour. Spices are even used as preservatives, aphrodisiacs & in traditional medicines. Spices are derived from different parts of plants e.g. flowers, fruits, leaves, seeds, rhizomes, roots, buds and even the bark. India produces almost all the spices, largely owing to its varying climate and soil conditions.

Spices are more than just a food item. They are part of our culture, moulding our eating habits and enriching the language we speak. The history of world wouldn't be the same, had there not been a keen desire for spices of the East by the western countries for improving the taste of the cooked food.

Gokul International takes this opportunity to market Indian finest spices, which are known world over for its best quality. We have the plantation & harvesting arrangements with the farmers to ensure regular supply & best quality of spices.

Herbal Teas
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