About Us
About Us

Gokul International, manufacturers and exporters of high quality of various Herbal Infusions (Teas) ,was established in 1992. Over the years, we have been providing a range of real health drinks to our consumers made with the world's finest quality HERBS & SPICES, which helps to keep the MIND fit and BODY active.

Gokul International has introduced a variety of  Herbal Infusions (Teas) that balances Health in natural way, according to India's Vedic System popularly known as " Ayurveda ". Gokul Herbal Infusions are totally free from Caffeine & Tea Leaves.

Our Aim

We aim to reach masses in their every walk of life to trust GOKUL Herbal Infusions, which is a better substitute of traditional Tea. All GOKUL HERBAL INFUSIONS(TEAS) are prepared from the world's most popular Indian herbs and spices. They are Natures Gift for people who wish to get the Protective Health Benefits of Indian Herbs & Spices in their daily life style.

These can be served either hot or ice cold, plain or with Milk/Lemon, with or without Sugar/Honey, as per your choice. They all are Mild & Natural having many Medicinal properties. These are rich in active principles, which are responsible for therapeutic properties. They can not only prevent but also treat various disorders with soothing & relaxing effect without any harm.

Our Infusions(Teas) are also used as a supplementary health drink - a better substitute of traditional tea.

Our Operations

It Consists of procuring top Quality raw materials that are organically grown, modern processing systems & packaging in international standard hygienic environment. The consistent quality is our mainstay. We use 100% natural ingredients and give top priority in maintaining quality of our products.

We believe in Quality, which is never achieved by magic wand but has to be built-in from concept to the final product- a result of careful and meticulous planning and proper execution. Since its inception, Gokul International has come a long way to establish itself as one of the leading herbal tea exporter. The company maintains high quality and delivery schedule so as to successfully cater the need of the clients.

If you are a consumer without a related business to ours, please check your local health food store, and ask for our tea or visit our Shopping page!

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